Michael Fierstos(non-registered)
Amazing, congratulations
Elsie Carbajal(non-registered)
I love it! Looks like so much work and it is super professional just like I would expect it. Miss you tons and I’m super proud and happy for you both. Love you!
Dane Winters(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, Marcus!
The Paris collection was so amazing and I never have seen the Eiffel tower photographs like these. I mean, you have covered almost every perspective of the Eiffel tower and it is indeed good ones. I really enjoyed the works you have shared here.

Cath Darby(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing Markus. It was lovely to meet you, and thank you for sharing your passion of photography with me.
Lothar Reiss(non-registered)
Du wärsch immer besser Alder!!!
Gail Baker(non-registered)
Markus you have an amazing talent, your photographs are smply stunning and they give me great pleasure and calmness viewing them.
Caroline Thorpe-Moss(non-registered)
Markus you are going from strength to strenght and cannot believe how far you have come. Your Cuba images totally excel and you have such a gift to see what no-one else does. I truly hope you achieve your dream.
Mindy Loepz(non-registered)
Amazing photos!! It is always great to see art through another persons point of view!
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