I have a passion for photography and love to capture my experiences through the images I have taken.
The photographs featured in my galleries are some of my personal favourites. I hope that you will enjoy browsing through them.

I am available for private commissions, studio- and portrait photography.  

Most images are available for purchase - contact me for details.

Please feel free to sign my Guest book as your comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Don't forget to bookmark my site and visit again soon as I upload new images on a regular basis.


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Male Physique

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Male Physique

Artistic Male photography

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Artistic Male photography

Magazine Publications

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Magazine Publications


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Retro style

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Retro style

Men At Work

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Men At Work


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Guestbook for Markus Brehm Photography
Michael Fierstos(non-registered)
Amazing, congratulations
Elsie Carbajal(non-registered)
I love it! Looks like so much work and it is super professional just like I would expect it. Miss you tons and I’m super proud and happy for you both. Love you!
Dane Winters(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, Marcus!
The Paris collection was so amazing and I never have seen the Eiffel tower photographs like these. I mean, you have covered almost every perspective of the Eiffel tower and it is indeed good ones. I really enjoyed the works you have shared here.
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