I have a passion for photography and love to capture my experiences through the images I have taken.
The photographs featured in my galleries are some of my personal favourites. I hope that you will enjoy browsing through them.

I am available for private commissions and all images are available for purchase.

Please feel free to sign my Guest book as your comments and feedback are very much appreciated. Don't forget to bookmark my site and visit again soon as I upload new images on a regular basis.


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Paris - Nouvelle Collection

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Created 11-Mar-14
Modified 11-Mar-14
Paris - Nouvelle Collection

Celebrating London in 2012

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Created 10-Jan-14
Modified 10-Jan-14
Celebrating London in 2012


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Created 10-Jan-14
Modified 10-Jan-14

The Cuba Collection

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Created 15-Dec-13
Modified 15-Dec-13
The Cuba Collection

Mostly Rome

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Created 14-Sep-13
Modified 14-Sep-13
Mostly Rome

My Art on display

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Created 5-Aug-13
Modified 5-Aug-13
My Art on display


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Created 20-May-12
Modified 20-May-12


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Created 9-Apr-12
Modified 9-Apr-12

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Guestbook for Markus Brehm Photography
18.Cath Darby(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing Markus. It was lovely to meet you, and thank you for sharing your passion of photography with me.
17.Lothar Reiss(non-registered)
Du wärsch immer besser Alder!!!
16.Gail Baker(non-registered)
Markus you have an amazing talent, your photographs are smply stunning and they give me great pleasure and calmness viewing them.
15.Caroline Thorpe-Moss(non-registered)
Markus you are going from strength to strenght and cannot believe how far you have come. Your Cuba images totally excel and you have such a gift to see what no-one else does. I truly hope you achieve your dream.
13.Mindy Loepz(non-registered)
Amazing photos!! It is always great to see art through another persons point of view!
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